At Custom Kitchens, we design functional and stylish spaces that you and your family can love to live in.  Our designers understand the unique aspect of each project and work with you to design a space that
matches your house style & fits with your life style.

Meet The Team

Designer Debra Sweeney

Debra Sweeney
cell:  240-682-6885

Debra has been a part of the Custom Kitchens team for over 17 years.  She is kind and patient and has an amazing ability to create unusual and intricate designs.  Her Interior Design Degree along with over 30 years of experience helps to ensure that every detail is thought out carefully and interpreted properly.  Debra creates spectacular spaces that are stunning and timeless!


Crystal Ames
cell:  240-577-9698

Crystal has been designing kitchens for over 15 years.  She enjoys the challenge of making every kitchen unique to the home owner’s taste. She believes not only in creating a beautiful space but making it functional as well.  For Crystal, being a kitchen and bath designer really is the dream job and one that is forever changing – with new clients, new spaces and new products and trends.

Designer Gabrielle Halpern

Gabrielle Halpern
cell: 240-808-5487

Gabrielle's many years of design experience has led to an incredible ability to interpret our clients' needs into unique designs.   She uses her amazing creativity when designing any room and helps clients pull it all together with color and form.  She has a knack for contemporary and finds it easy to incorporate new, updated ideas into traditional design. 

Designer/Owner Susan Janyszek

Susan Janyszek
Owner / Designer
cell: 301-751-6454

Susan has more than 35 years of experience designing all rooms of the home at all levels.  She has designed spaces for hundreds of clients up and down the East Coast and in Puerto Rico.  She has served on the Board of The National Association of the Remodeling Industry and has earned their title of Certified Remodeler.  She holds a Maryland Home Improvement License.  Susan believes in positive thinking, honesty and kindness and always tries to put herself in other peoples shoes.  her strong believe in excellent customer service is the foundation the company was built on.


Donna Hooks
Design Assistant


Donna's keen eye for detail enables her to track the progress of every project to make sure everything goes according to our clients' expectations.  Her deep understanding of computer imaging assists her in creating the amazing, photo realistic presentations that our clients love.  She can take any plan and make it look so real that you feel like you are looking into the future!  

High Definition Computer Rendering of Kitchen
High Definition Computer Rendering of Kitchen

Is it a computer generated rendering or a picture? 
Send us your measurements and we will show you the future!!