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Design Consultation


Our designers won't give you a hard sell.  


We use a client survey form to help guide us through a series of question about who does the cooking or the cleaning, how tall are they, are they right or left handed, etc.  We want to hear about your needs, your wants and your budgetary and space constraints.  Our kitchen designers understand that this is not an easy process but we will guide you through  it all and make it seem simple.

Design Review



Review your design on one of our large, flat screen tvs.  

See every detail  -  clearly.


Preliminary designs will be presented in full color, photo-realistic perspective drawings depicting an artist's rendition of the general appearance of the floor plan.  (see samples below) 


Often our kitchen designers will provide a budget range  and explain the impact different product options would have on the price.  

Project Management



Once the design is perfected and you're ready for your new kitchen to take shape, you will be asked to sign a contract, which will include all perspectives and floor plans.   A deposit will be collected to get the process rolling, the amount of which will be determined by the scope of the project.  

Your designer will double check all measurements so we are responsible for accuracy and final fit.

We make sure a comprehensive installation packet is at the jobsite when the installation begins.

High Definition Computer Renderings
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